4 Ways To Have A Healthy Relationship

Healthy Relationship

If you are just starting out in your relationship then you have a chance to make your relationship a healthy relationship right from the start by doing some common things that help to strengthen a relationship. This can help to build a solid foundation that keeps your relationship strong in times of trouble.

However, even if you have been in a relationship for a while, it is not too late to fix things and build a solid foundation from the point you are at. Following are four ways to make your relationship as strong as possible.

Four Ways To Keep Your Relationship Healthy

  1. Build Trust

    Trust is a huge part of a strong relationship. If there is a lack of trust, then it will affect every part of the relationship in a negative way. If one partner doesn’t trust the others actions or words, then that will cause them to doubt the commitment in the relationship, and this will cause a whole host of other problems such as losing interest in the relationship and seeking trust elsewhere.

    Many people think that they have their partner’s trust as long as they don’t cheat on them, but trust can be lost in many other ways. For example, saying one thing and doing another can cause trust to be lost. In addition, not following through on promises, big or small, can cause trust to be lost. Therefore, building trust begins by being honest and following through on promises made.

  2. Provide Support

    In an intimate relationship, support and security often differentiate the relationship from other relationships. An intimate partner should be the one person that provides comfort no matter what situations are arising in an individual’s life.

    If one person provides very little support then the other person will feel neglected, and that can cause them to question how connected they feel to their partner and how loved they feel. If connection and love is not felt, a break up or divorce is often the answer.

  3. Accept Differences

    Two people are not always going to think and believe the same things, even in a healthy relationship. Depending on past and current events, one person in an intimate relationship may not line up completely with the other person’s thoughts, actions or beliefs.

    When acceptance is lacking, hurt feelings can easily occur. One person may complain about the other person and the way they live their life, which causes that person to feel bad about themselves, their partner, and the relationship. However, when acceptance is abundant in the relationship, both people are free to be themselves without feeling obligated to change or become someone different, which helps improve the connection in the relationship.

  4. Give And Take

    In any healthy relationship, there is a give-and-take element. If one person is always giving, while the other one is always taking, then the balance in the relationship is upset and negative feelings such as resentment and anger are likely to build in the person giving.

    Dr. Phil often recommends that people ask themselves what they can do for their partner today. By doing that, the partner becomes a priority in life, and they will usually return the favor, which will create a very healthy and loving relationship.

In the end, a healthy relationship consists of trust, support, acceptance and a give-and-take attitude. No matter where you are in the relationship, working on these three areas will help your relationship become stronger and happier.

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