5 Easy Steps on How to Win Your Ex Back

How To Win Your Ex Back

Breaking up with the one you love is tough. To be honest, it is easily one of the toughest parts of life that one will go through. Some of your most intimate moments and thoughts were shared with that other person and that is what makes it even rougher. Does breaking up necessarily mean that it’s really over though? Not all the time. Here are 5 easy steps on how to win your ex back. Follow them and your chance will increase for success.

How To Win Your Ex Back – 5 Steps

  1. Nobody is Perfect
  2. The first step to getting your ex back is realizing that nobody is perfect. Whether or not you are the reason for the breakup in the end, you still played your part somewhere in the midst of it all. Although a lot of us like to believe we can do no wrong or fail to realize what we could do better, there is always room for improvement. Just as in any other program, such as AA or NA, admitting is where it all begins.

    Think back through you and your ex’s relationship and pinpoint what you may have done to upset the other. This is serious, so be sure to treat it as so. If you want your ex back, these things are going to need to be fixed before you can even think about moving to the next step. Write them down if you need to. Either way, you need to work on one before you can work on the two of you.

  3. The Truth Shall Set You Free
  4. Overconfidence is one of the biggest turn offs for any one person. This is why you need to be honest with yourself and realize that you are not better than any other person. Going back to step one, nobody is perfect. With that in mind, never feel like there is no way you can’t fail at getting your ex back. Those that know there is a chance of not achieving a goal tend to work harder at obtaining a pleasurable result. This is how one should feel about this type of situation as well.

  5. Jealousy Gets You Nowhere
  6. When trying to get an ex back, one thing you never want to do is try to make them jealous. Jealousy never leads to any positive result. The only things that will come from trying to make anyone jealous are feelings of animosity and insecurity. Logic will tell you, that if you see your ex with someone else, you will feel that they are moving on and therefore you should too.

    Now you have created a tougher scenario and a more complicated task at getting your ex back. You have now set yourself up for failure and made it a competitive scenario for yourself. Love is a feeling, not a competition. All you will do is push them further away.

  7. Falsified Reality Will Lead to Collapse
  8. Step four deals with two different areas. Area one is yourself. One thing you never want to do is falsify any sort of logic of getting your ex back. If you know that there is absolutely no way the two of you can get back together, don’t trick yourself into thinking otherwise. This will only lead to disappointment. Don’t waste anyone’s time or energy.

    Area two is your ex. If you promise them something you know you can’t deliver, it will only lead to another break up in the end. If that happens, the chances of getting them back again will get slimmer. Never set yourself up for failure.

  9. Only Time Will Tell
  10. This is the easiest, yet hardest, step in the process. Once you have followed the other four steps, step five is the waiting game. Everyone needs their own amount of time to get over or realize things. You took your time to complete steps one through four, so it is only fair that your ex gets their time to decide themselves. If you rush things, the chances of pushing your ex further away will heighten greatly.

    The last thing you want at this point is pushing them away while they are considering taking you back due to your impatience. If the two of you are meant to be back together then only time will tell.

In the end, if it is not meant to be then all there is left to do is take your own time to move on with your life. However, if there is a chance then you should follow these steps on how to win your ex back and give it all your heart. All things come to those that wait and strive to do their best.

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