3 Ways To Get Your Ex Back

Ways To Get Your Ex Back

At times a relationship can end, but you may not feel like completely letting it all go and consign it to history, so you may be tempted into trying to get back your ex and give it another go. Clearly there will be no guarantee that they may actually take you back, but if you still like them enough and feel that there is a spark still there, then it is worth giving it a go and the three ways to get your ex back may help to make the process just that little bit easier.

If this does sound appealing, then you need to be prepared to potentially change your attitude, use the right words, and actually put things into action as all of this is going to be able to perhaps make a difference and get them to take you back. The key is to never apportion blame to anybody and put the three ways that follow into action in order to see if it does make a difference in getting your ex back.

It should perhaps also be pointed out that even if this is not successful you will have still managed to learn something about yourself that will stand you in good steed for the future and you may have put your finger on the reason why previous relationships have failed and allow you to have a successful one in the future.

However, if you are successful and get your ex back, then you should have built a good foundation for the new relationship and, with a bit of work, it should flourish in exactly the way that you want it to.

The 3 Ways to Get Your Ex Back :

  1. Make sure that you state your case

    The first thing you must do is let your ex know that you would love to get back with them so they know exactly where you stand on the issue from the outset. Make sure that you sit down with them and go over the relationship and why you want to get back together and do try your best to tell them why things will be different this time or they will just think that if you are back together, then it will just break down again at some point in the future.

    It is also the case that if they caused the breakup due to something that they did, then they may be desperate to hear that you want to give it another go, but if you were to blame, then make sure that your apology is sincere and heartfelt as this will really help the situation. Make sure that, apart from talking, you also listen to what they have to say and do so carefully and without getting angry or upset and never interrupt them even if it is tough listening to what they are telling you.

  2. Turn words into action

    It is fine saying that you will make certain changes, but you will need to show that you are doing the actions and the words are not just hot air that you are spouting in order to get them back. At times words will do nothing, but if your ex can see that you really are trying to make a difference, then there will be an increased chance of them being willing to give it another go as long as you continue to put things into action.

  3. Be positive

    Positivity is a wonderful thing and you need to keep this positive frame of mind as you work out how you are going to approach your ex and hopefully get them back. Make sure that you do not annoy them and contact them constantly just because they have not replied to you as this will make things worse as coming across as being desperate is not a nice trait.

    Stay positive as you make all of the changes that you have spoken about and you will tend to find that the aura around you changes and this may indeed tempt them back to you and into giving the relationship another shot.

    On the flip side, if the relationship is beyond repair, then you will at least feel better within yourself and may feel ready to have another relationship elsewhere as people are attracted to those that have some confidence in themselves and are positive with everything that they do.

Those are the three things that you need to think about doing when considering for ways get your ex back, but how it all works out is entirely up to you and the effort that you are willing to put in. Do just remember that even if you cannot save the relationship you may improve yourself as a person and this can then bode well for your own future and can lead to the potential success of being with someone else who will love you for who you are.

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  • Anthony March 16, 2013, 7:34 am

    I’ve read so many stories on the web about guys breaking up and making mistakes afterwards, so I’m prepared to not make the same mistakes as them. I plan to follow the three steps here and also read up on the free report to see what I can add to my plan to get my ex back. I know getting her back won’t be easy, but I’m not gonna give up on her without giving everything I’ve got.

  • Sarah March 16, 2013, 3:21 pm

    My ex does not answer my calls anymore and I don’t know if I should go see him at his place or give him some space until he has a change of heart. I was calling him way too often and that got him annoyed. I should have called him maybe a couple of times a week and I should have given him some space. I now have to start from scratch, actually I guess even worse than from scratch. He probably hates my guts and I don’t know how to change that. I can’t give up on him yet though and I’m going to learn more about the ways to get him back. Whatever it takes, I want him back.


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